Such a great word, and those who know me would say I am a pretty positive person.

So, after falling into something of a black hole during the first week of the Coronavirus lockdown I needed inspiration to bring that brilliant word back into my life, to keep my mind focused and happy.

My head was in a bad place when self-isolation began; the challenge and sadness of losing clients and the uncertainty of when work would return led to obvious stress over my financial future.

I remember when Boris Johnson addressed the UK that fateful Monday night, that’s when it hit me that it could be weeks or even months until I could see loved ones and get to hug them again – having that pleasure taken away from me felt awful.

I needed to do something to put a smile back on my face and help me through these dark times, a reason to get up everyday and still have a purpose, my main passion in life – photography. Specifically, photographing people.

I live in a small street in Buckley, North Wales, called Warren Crescent. There are around 20 houses and my neighbours are wonderful people.

We are not your average community. We say hello to one another when we put our bins out and always look out for one another.

In fact, we have a unique spirit of togetherness which sees us come together throughout the year for summer barbecues, street parties and even charity Christmas celebrations.

To avoid my cameras being locked away in a cupboard for a few months I decided to ask my neighbours via social media if they would take part in a project I had in mind.  To create a body of work that would reflect positivity in a ‘now’ negative Britain, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The plan was to photograph those who were willing to take part at a safe distance in their gardens and outside in the open air, performing an activity of their choice.

Something, anything, that helped them to keep their minds positive during past weeks.

As time goes by in isolation, I will be sharing their little stories with you.  Enjoy 🙂

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